Building Consent Plans

A Guide to the Design/Building Consent Process

Step one of the design process is the initial on-site consultation, to determine what the client wants and needs, provide solutions and discuss design requirements.
It is helpful if some research is made by the client on their preferred design, materials etc. Viewing home design websites and creating a scrapbook of ideas can be very useful.

We will evaluate a sites physical potential, such as sun angles, slope and contours and general site features, along with the implication of any local authority restrictions on proposed uses.

A plan agreement is then generated where in most cases a fixed price is given to produce a full set of plans ready to lodge with the local council.

Following the clients acceptance of our agreement, we carry out a full site measure and generate existing site plan, floor plans and elevations.

A property file is ordered in some situations to establish what Council have on file.

Based on our discussions at consultation, first stage concept drawings are generated, once completed a follow-up consultation is made, where concepts are discussed and any desired adjustments are made prior to commencing full working drawings. Careful consideration is given to aesthetics, budget, site topography, space and functionality, construction materials along with building code requirements.

On completion of working drawings and specifications, current certificate of title is then ordered, council application forms are then completed and signed, all information from associated sub/trades and professionals is then collated together along with relevant Design Certificates and all plans and attachments are lodged with the Local Building Authority for consent.